Registration Resources

Registration Forms and Info Sheets

Student Pre-Advising Worksheet 
Students can type their information right into the form.  Make sure you remember to save your changes. Once completed, students must upload the completed form to their Advising appointment in Nexus prior to their meeting with their ACES advisor.

Stamford General Education Content Area Courses – Fall 2023 
General Education Course sheet with courses offered at the Stamford campus highlighted.

Stamford General Education Competency Courses – Fall 2023 
General Education Competency Courses offered on the Stamford campus for the semester listed.


General Registration Links, Tips, and Guides

Student Administration Help Guides:
The Student Administration System has A LOT going on! Here you can find information to help you navigate and utilize Student Admin as smoothly as possible.

Registration Information and Common Questions:
Here you can find a collection of important information provided by the Registrar's Office

Quick Guide: Dynamic Class Search
This document provides a screenshot of a Dynamic Class Search and identifies the different sections you will find when performing this type of search

Permission Numbers
Have a Permission Number but not sure how to add the class.  Step #14 at this link will show you where to enter it in order to add the selected course.

Glossary of Student Admin termsNot sure what a "pick time" is? Confused about the difference between a double versus a dual degree? Here you can find a list of commonly used Advising and StudentAdmin terms.