Welcome to The Advising Center!

The Advising Center was created to reflect the growth of the Stamford campus and our students’ ever-changing needs. Once only housing the Academic Center for Exploratory Students (ACES), The Advising Center now supports all students and aims to provide the necessary guidance for students to make the best educational decisions during their time at UConn. The Advising Center assists hundreds of students each semester in major exploration and selection, identifying academic goals, making schedule plans, supervising scholastic probation cases, connecting students with academic and personal resources, and supporting students during their personal and professional journey.

As the Assistant Director of Academic Advising for UConn Stamford, I hope you will take a moment to read our Mission Statement and Advising Philosophy.

I hope to see you in both our physical and virtual space!




Happy last day of classes huskies!! You’ve (almost) made it!! Best of luck on your finals!

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It’s hard to believe but finals week is approaching! Make sure to review your exam schedule ASAP! If you need to make any changes (due to bunched finals or extenuating circumstances), you will need to request permission to reschedule before April 22!

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It’s back!! If you’re looking for some help with your writing, consider trying the Writing Center! Located (temporarily) in room 313! ...

Need help trying to find specific “Content Area” or “Competency” courses?

From our website (link in bio) select “Course Registration” then “Registration Resources”

You will find a link to our Content Area and Competency course offerings!

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Fall registration begins on MONDAY, March 21st – are you ready?

Here are some tips we suggest to prepare for enrollment:

Know your enrollment/pick time
Schedule a meeting with your advisor in Nexus
Make sure you don’t have any holds on your account
Add required courses/courses of interest to your shopping cart in StudentAdmin!

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The Virtual Career Fair is only a couple of weeks away – are you ready? Join us to learn some tips and tricks on how to navigate a virtual career fair! #uconn #uconnhuskies #uconnstamford #careerfair ...

This resume workshop will help students from all majors (including ACES) learn how to put together a resume – from formatting to content creation! Join us and get your resume ready for the virtual career fair on 3/30 from 11am-3pm! ...

Does it always seem like there just aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything done? Join the Mental Health Resource Center to learn some tips for studying and stay organized!! #uconn #uconnhuskies #uconnstamford #mentalhealth #timemanagement ...

ATTN Students: Have you considered a career in working with children and young families? Interested in learning more about “helping” careers? Join us for a virtual open house to learn more!

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TODAY! 12pm, room 305A! Choosing a major does not need to be a difficult or scary process! Join us at this workshop to learn more about the different resources and tools available to you to explore majors and feel confident in making a decision!

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