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**UPDATE** The Advising Center team is working diligently to adapt during this challenging time. Advisors will be reaching out to students with important end-of-semester information. In the meantime, we strongly encourage you to remain connected to your advisor via email.

The Advising Center works primarily with students in ACES, Bachelor of General Studies (BGS), and the non-degree program. ACES is UConn’s advising program for students who want to explore the University’s opportunities before deciding on a field of study and for students who must complete specific requirements before applying to a major. Each student is assigned an advisor with whom they meet to discuss their plans. Once a student officially declares a major, they are assigned to an advisor in their specific department. ACES advisors are generalists, which enables them to work with any student regardless of the student's academic background or interest.

The Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) program offers a unique educational experience for busy adults; lots of flexibility and an ability to explore your interests. Students who want to explore BGS need to have completed 60 credits or an associate’s degree from an accredited university or college. As a BGS student, you will work with an advisor to create a uniquely tailored plan of study from a wide array of academic courses offered at the University of Connecticut.

Non-degree study allows individuals who have not been formally accepted into a degree seeking status at the University of Connecticut to take undergraduate courses.

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  1. Aug 12 Stamford Downtown Farmers Market9:00am
  2. Aug 17 UConn-ect with Students7:00pm
  3. Aug 18 Library 101 Challenge: Information Timeline12:00am
  4. Aug 18 Regional Games5:00pm
  5. Aug 19 Library 101 Challenge: Information Timeline12:00am
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